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Ringing recoveries for 2014

It's that time of year again, when we receive a (hopefully) thick wad of recovery ringing sheets from the BTO, outlining some exciting details of where some of our 'controlled' birds have been ringed, and where 'our' birds have turned up in the country or further afield. Last year was a great year for recoveries and controls, and a few are outlined below. It is these recoveries that illustrate part of the value of ringing, although of course the use of ringing in an island context is not illustrated below (in terms of ages, and returning breeders etc.).

A Guillemot ringed on the island on 25 June 2013 as a pullus was found on a beach in Landes, France on 22 February 2014. After being taken in sick due to very stormy weather, the bird was released.

Manx Shearwater
We have had a handful of Manx Shearwater recoveries- here are a couple of them: we re-trapped birds on the island which had been ringed in Porth Ysgaden, Lleyn Peninsula (ringed in August 2010 and found here in August 2014) and at Point Lynas, Anglesey (ringed in June 2012 and found here in May 2014).

Barn Swallow
An adult Swallow was ringed at Ty Newydd Farm, not far from Aberdaron, at 1240 on the 7 August. That very same day, we trapped the bird in a reed bed roost at 2150!

An impressive longevity record concerns that of a Chiffchaff which was ringed in Les Boulins, Yonne (France) on 29 September 2010 as a juvenile. Four years later (that's four trips to Africa), we trapped the bird on both the 19 and 24 May.

One Chiffchaff was ringed at Portland Bird Observatory at 0800 on 30 April. Nine days later on 09 May, the bird turned up in a mist net on the island at 1810. In short, it managed to fly 297km in at least nine days, having gained 0.7 grams from 7.7g in Portland.

Another Chiffchaff recovery concerns one ringed in Bridford, Devon on 25 September 2013, that was then trapped here on the island after it had returned from its winter grounds, on 25 May 2014.

Willow Warblers
One Willow Warbler recovery involved the following: on 2 April 2012, one was ringed on Skokholm as an age 4. Two years later (having been to Africa and back twice), we trapped the same bird on 10 April 2014.

A Willow Warbler was ringed in Dorset on 07 September 2013, and was found on Bardsey on 4 May the following year.

Another Willow Warbler was ringed in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, on 26 July 2014 (weighing 9.1 grams). On 24 August (just under a month later), we trapped it on the island, after it had flown 417 km and lost just 0.5 grams.

Sedge Warbler
A Sedge Warbler was ringed on the island as a '3J' (juvenile not long out of the nest) on 24 July 2014. 17 days later on the 10 August, the same bird was trapped in Asturias, Spain!! That's a total of 1033 km, a journey taken not long after the bird had left the nest!

Lesser Redpolls
A Lesser Redpoll which was ringed on the island on 24 May 2014 turned up in Surrey a few months later, on 31 December.

A Lesser Redpoll ringed in Kent on 17 November 2013 was trapped here 156 days later on 22 April 2014.

Another Lesser Redpoll was ringed on 8 November 2013, in Avion, France. After flying 588 km, the bird turned up in a mist net on the island on 11 April 2014.

Yet another Lesser Redpoll recovery involved a bird ringed in Leigh, Dorset, on 28 April 2013. A year later, we trapped the bird on 25 May 2014- a distance of 261 km.

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