Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Well, its been a long time since the last post on here, hasn't it? After a quiet start to the BBFO season on Bardsey, the whole team is now back on the island, ready for another great year. After being absent for a few months, Steve, Emma and Connor arrived back on the island today, along with assistant wardens Steffan and Mark, and they were preceded by Ben just a few days beforehand. Although the weather is very up and down at the moment, there are definitely signs of Spring in the birdlife on the island: the flocks of migrant and breeding Meadow Pipits have risen to over a single flock of 300 today; many common breeding birds like Robins, Dunnocks, Wrens and Stonechats have been singing when the wind has eased and the sun has made an appearance. Sightings today have comprised at least ten Snipe and one Jack Snipe in the wetlands, five Scandinavian Rock Pipits on Solfach, a female Merlin on the South End, the Hooded Crow still around The Narrows, and two Goldcrests at the observatory. The blog will be updated relatively regularly from now on, and hopefully with some images to accompany!

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  1. Great to know spring is on its way on the island adn quite a number of birds are arriving. Yesterday here in Northern Ireland it was like a summer's day, today is is blowing a gale and raining heavy!!