Monday, 13 July 2015

The day started off with rather grim conditions: a strong south-westerly wind, chilly temperatures and driving rain. The rain persisted until late morning, and by the early afternoon the wind also began to drop, before dying away entirely by evening.

Waders continued to appear as being the most obvious migrants on the island, with a small selection comprising one Whimbrel, 17 Curlews, two Redshanks and six Common Sandpipers; despite very low numbers of seabirds passing the coast, a single flock of 27 Common Scoters did fly by. Other noteworthy sightings included a single Little Owl at the north end, one Chiffchaff and one Starling.

The two juvenile Peregrines that have fledged from the southern pair continue to pester any passing bird, from Cormorants to Choughs, Guillemots to Woodpigeons

A smart Buff Arches

Pyrausta despicata is a very plentiful species on the island at the moment, with hundreds present during the daytime on the East Side

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