Thursday, 14 January 2016

A slow start to census this morning, at sea just five Guillemots, one Razorbill, 30 Kittiwakes, a Fulmar and two Common Gulls passed by.

As usual 24 Rock Pipits, a Pied Wagtail, 18 Choughs, seven Turnstones and two Redshanks foraged amongst the piles of seaweed in search of invertebrates, whilst overhead (but still extremely low) a pair of Ravens tumbled and turned in display flights. Other Corvids scattered across the narrows were the Hooded Crow, Carrion Crow and a small gang on four Magpies which also all seem to favour the seaweed to pick through.

A late afternoon walk around the edges of one of the ponds was rewarded with views of a Jack Snipe which (in classic fashion) kept itself concealed in the grass only to flush and fly away once we had stepped passed it within a couple of feet of where it was hiding!

Pwll Cain (the small permanent pond in the centre of the island), quite frequently a good place for Snipe to reside around the boggy perimeter

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