Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Common Buzzard still remained today, spotted on the fenceposts alongside the main track, as a census route down towards the narrows was taken. Passing one of the small reed beds just passed the farm a Starling whizzed over with its bubbling calls a pair of Stonechats loudly "chacked" away and a Song Thrush perched out on a cluster of brambles.

Shelduck numbers reached five today, spending their time just out to sea off the east side of the narrows. This species unfortunately tends not to fair so well when breeding is attempted on Bardsey, they are able to find suitable nesting sites, mate, lay their clutch of eggs which subsequently hatch, but more often than not once the adults venture out with their young they fall prey to various predators, sometimes very quickly.

Turnstones, 13 today, as busy as ever picked around the rocks in the bay with 59 Oystercatchers, five Redshanks, three Rock Pipits and 22 Grey Seals close by. From the west side of the narrows a look out to sea produced very few numbers, seven Razorbills, five Guillemots and just one Fulmar passed. However two Rooks were a welcome change as they were spotted heading south overhead, a species we tend to get mostly in the autumn when a good passage of Corvids is taking place. The Curlews, or at least some of it was spotted along the west coast just north of Solfach, the beach. Only 18 were seen and no sign of the Whimbrel today although it is most likely still present somewhere. Seven Mallards, a Pied Wagtail, seven Herring Gulls, two Greater Black-backed Gulls, two Choughs and a Shag were also noted.

Elsewhere on the island a Little Owl called from the north west fields. On an interesting side note, when closing one of the outbuildings doors which had blown open in the wind (the one containing an owl box), movement was heard inside the box! Is the Barn Owl back to roosting there again!!? Stay tuned and you may find out!.......

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