Thursday, 11 February 2016

A day with very few birds recorded but some nice highlights all the same. The Ravens, numbering three today were again displaying high over the mountain at the north end. Below around the Nant area two Goldcrests flitted in the tops of the plantation as six Wrens and two Robins could be heard marking their territories as noisily as they could. A Blue Tit sneaked through one of the gardens occasionally calling, the male Sparrowhawk was seen again on a number of occasions darting low in and out of cover across the side mountain and a Little Owl was heard calling from the mountainside. The highlight of the morning came when a Fieldfare was spotted in the tops of the trees at the plantation, it then nosily flew over the houses calling with its clattering "schack" call and headed south.

A Painted Lady was sighted again, this time on the main track running through the island, most likely the same individual as previous day. Two Harbour Porpoise were sighted off the west coast, probably feeding as a handful Herring Gulls continuously hovered and dipped onto the sea in a frenzy as the Porpoise appeared and disappeared in the same location.

Little else was seen but more early signs of spring were again evident. A number of Rock Pipits down around the narrows were singing and performing their parachuting display flight.

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