Friday, 19 February 2016

Few highlights from a day where very little was covered but some nice sightings all the same!

On the walk across the north end towards the hide nine Magpies and a Carrion Crow occupied the north west fields, six Choughs noisily worked the banks in search of food and eleven Herring Gulls, nine Oystercatchers and a single Rock Pipit were seen.

A nice early surprise on entering the north hide, only seconds had passed and a Shelduck flew south down the west coast. Fantastic close views through the telescope provided enough to sex the bird, a nice male due to the red knob above the bill extending up the forehead in a bulge. Three Fulmars passed distantly through the Bardsey Sound effortlessly riding the strong winds, gliding through the swell and by the end of the sea watch four Red-throated Divers had made there way out west. Singles of Common Scoter, Gannet and Razorbill drifted south, along with nine Kittiwakes, two Shags and Guillemots which still passed in good numbers, 332 today.

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