Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The usual suspects formed most of the sightings from the north end and the hide in the morning. The possible new pairing of two Choughs, a failed breeder last season and a new individual from the mainland were again present together along the banks around the north west fields, fingers crossed that they attempt to breed this coming season if they are to be a pairing! Auks passed by in reasonable numbers, 118 Guillemots and 4 Razorbills. A Shag bobbed on the sea occasionally diving in search of food before and resurfacing elsewhere as a Cormorant flew north towards the mainland. Three Fulmars glided by distantly, a Red-throated Diver passed out to the west, three Common Scoter headed south and a small flurry of gulls including 12 Black Headed Gulls and two Common Gulls made a brief appearance.

Very quiet around the plantation today, a total of two Wrens, two Robins flitted in the surrounding gardens. Five Woodpigeons hiding in the pines made their presence known with a clattering of wings as they took flight and headed onto the side of the mountain and four Chaffinches flew overhead calling with their soft "jiupp" flight calls. A nice surprise however was a Collard Dove which was discovered singing in the garden adjacent to the chapel, it proceeded multiple times to fly high over the mountain heading north before returning to the same garden to continue singing, a determined individual. Two Moorhens, two Linnets overhead and a Pied Wagtail were also seen.

Overhead a mixture of gulls, mostly Herring Gulls, but the odd Lesser Black-backed Gull and Greater Black-backed Gull soared high with a Peregrine and shortly afterwards a Common Buzzard which sent the gulls into a frenzy.

Just after dark four Little Owls spent an hour or so calling across the island, a pair towards the north end and a pair in the lowlands.

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