Monday, 18 July 2016

A blanket of sea mist at dawn burnt off by mid-morning allowing one of the sunniest, hottest, and enjoyable days this year. Sitting atop the sightings from today is the Basking Shark watched moving south off the West Coast at around 10am. This fantastic ocean wanderer is the first to be recorded in nearly a decade with the last sighting on 3 September 2006! Not to be outdone, a pod of four Risso's Dolphins performed admirably off the South End in the afternoon. Also seen at sea were three Common Scoters, two Sandwich Terns, and 86 Puffins.

Around the island c.200 Herring Gulls fed in one writhing mass in the sky on the emerging flying ants, no doubt also food for the notable hirundine movement consisting of 11Swifts, nine Sand Martins, 45 Swallows, and six House Martins. A Kestrel hunted the Mountain whilst migrant warblers concerned six Sedge Warblers and four Willow Warblers.

Busy feeding on the Narrows in a veritable wader frenzy were one Ringed Plover, one Golden Plover, one Sanderling, one Snipe, 15 Dunlins, 12 Whimbrels, 30 Curlews, six Redshanks, three Common Sandpiper, and 35 Turnstones.

A stunning Poplar Hawk-moth caught overnight

Curlew or Whimbrel feathers

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