Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A really lovely day on the island with temperatures reasonably high at times but a light breeze making it all rather refreshing. A build up of 70 Gannets offshore was notable, as were 45 Puffins logged (no doubt busy ferrying fish to their burrows on the East Side), and 20 Common Scoters heading south. The Grey Heron still lingers on the Narrows alongside three Dunlins, two Whimbrels, 19 Curlews, one Redshank, seven Common Sandpipers, and two Turnstones. The Cuckoo giving everyone a runaround for the last week was finally pinned down and confirmed as a juvenile, presumably a locally bred bird given it's extended stay on the island.

Two Speckled Woods (above) were at Nant showing heavy signs of wear, presumably the same two seen around last week. An emergence of 14 Graylings were counted on the Mountain Top whilst Grey Seals reached a total of 197, the highest count of recent weeks.

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