Friday, 25 November 2016

A Siberian Chiffchaff still remained in the Withies, another possible calling from dense vegetation just beyond the individual basking in the morning sun. There was no sign of the long staying Willow Warbler unfortunately, however, it was in the habit of moving from one withy to another so may have just been concealed, we will have to wait and see! A few Goldcrests restlessly flitted through the willows, one individual in particular being extremely territorial chasing off others and flaring its fiery crown stripe in a stunning display.

Water Rails seem to be frequent and probably fairly abundant if it was possible to track down all the individuals on the island. However, their secretive nature and habits make them extremely difficult to record in any accurate manner, none the less five were logged today, one in the Green Lane, three in a single withy and one caught on a camera trap at Carreg.

A Hooded Crow flying down, then up the West Coast was a pleasant surprise, six Magpies, eight Rooks and five Carrion Crows were among other corvids seen. The now resident Blue Tit was also spending the morning in the Withies along with a Fieldfare which dropped in momentarily. Through the Lowlands a mini flock of 12 Meadow Pipits moved from field to field, tight nit flocks of Starling whizzed overhead, 220 being the final count, six Wood Pigeons headed north along the mountainside and a single Linnet and Reed Bunting were heard in flight.

An adult Mediterranean Gull, 96 Black-headed Gulls, three Common Gulls, three Herring Gulls, a Kittiwake and 14 Razorbills were spotted off the West Coast during the morning.

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