Sunday, 9 July 2017

A fairly quiet day all told. On the passerine front, movement was very limited, but a Skylark was new in, and eight Starlings and a Lesser Redpoll were probably lingering from previous days. A small trickle of hirundine movement was noted, with 13 House Martins and four Sand Martins, while the 34 Swallows probably included a few migrants amongst the resident birds. Otherwise the only hints of migration came in a smCurlews, four Common Sandpipers and a single Whimbrel. Five Black-headed Gulls were also here.

Chough (

all scattering of waders on the Narrows; 19

A Hummingbird Hawkmoth was the lepidopteran highlight of the day, while two Small Coppers were the first on the wing for several weeks. Red Admirals had increased to 17, the only hint of any movement amongst the butterflies.

As we enter late summer, many species are starting to fledge young. One such is the Sedge Warblers with juveniles now scattered all over the wetlands and the withies. As a slightly later-nesting species than many of Bardsey's passerines, they appear less hard hit by the extremely wet spring and early summer we endured, and the signs are pointing towards a reasonable breeding season for this species. It also looks like Wheatear and Stonechat have been quite productive, with the former successful in late or second broods, but very few fledging from the first broods in May/early June.

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