Friday, 5 January 2018

Generally the day was "business as usual" however that said the island still provides a great variety of wildlife to watch.

Numbers at the main Grey Seal haul out in Henllewyn fluctuate from day to day and often coincide with the tides. Although not a vast number compared with what can be seen here, 92 were present today. The juvenile Grey Heron was close by, often settled amongst the rock pools around Cafn waiting patiently for its prey. Meanwhile two Mallards bobbed amongst the swell and a small selection of waders were on show comprising of mostly the Curlew flock, 35, with 12 Redshanks and six Oystercatchers the only other additional waders.

Off the West Coast a lone Gannet soared over the rolling surf, two Common Gulls and 14 Kittiwakes fed off the waters surface and 37 Guillemots headed south further out.

A Sparrowhawk was seen cruising along the mountainside, perhaps on the look out for any unsuspecting passerines, one of the resident Peregrin Falcons was noted high above the mountain ridge, whilst below a Water Rail, two Meadow Pipits, four Song Thrushes and a Linnet were also seen.

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