Monday, 5 March 2018

The day provided little in the way of change although the spectacle of birds brought in by the weather  was still evident and impressive all the same. The highest count of Lapwings so far, 79 was a great total as well as 182 Golden Plovers still scurrying around the grassy fields. What was three was now four Grey Plovers, again seen around the Narrows, ocassionaly calling. Nearby two Knots, five Dunlins, and good number of Curlews amounting to 37 were also seen. Shovlers were again on Nant Pond, two drakes and a female. A female Stonechat outside one of the small cottages was a nice addition, thrushes were still prevalent, 5 Blackbirds, 20 Fieldfares, two Song Thrushes, 27 Redwings and a Mistle Thrush making up the numbers. A nice group of five Ravens occupied the skies above the island.

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