Thursday, 1 March 2018

The weather continued in the same vein although the full force of the storm and the extreme conditions were still to come in the following days. New birds had been brought west and onto the island although some in fewer totals than the previous days had seen. A stunning Drake Pintail, a decent "Bardsey Bird", was just off shore from the West Coast along with two Shelducks and eight Mallards. Golden Plovers and Lapwings were again seen in good numbers, 128 and 20 respectively. On Solfach three Ringed Plovers scuttled up and down the seaweed at the tide line, again not usually a species seen in these months so a pleasure to see, along with four Purple Sandpipers, four Common Snipesb, a Woodcock 30 Curlews and three Turnstones.

Thrushes were again present but as of yet were still seen in low numbers, a Blackbird, eight Fieldfares, a pair of Song Thrushes and four Redwings.

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