Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The misty cool start to the day quickly cleared as the sun got up and it turned into a scorching hot day.

Birds of note on the island were still a good flock of Linnets making up 49 birds, four juvenile Willow Warblers still at nant along with the Goldcrest family which are always very vocal but are becoming harder to see. Whitethroats were up to eight, a few more fresh looking birds turning up in odd places, perhaps migrants.
In the evening the temperature was just right to be sat outside enjoying the calm sea, but this was soon interrupted by an eruption of flying ants pouring out of every crack in every wall and taking off in their hundreds into the air, quite a sight. This was soon followed by the screaming sound of Swifts high above clearly taking advantage of the situation, the flock was estimated at around 65 birds along with 30 Swallows.

In non-avian news a good range of butterflies were out today including, Painted Ladies, Red Admirals, Small Tortoise Shells, Meadow Browns, Peacocks , Common Blues, Small Coppers, Green-veined Whites and Large Whites.

Common Blue

Meadow Pipit 

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