Saturday, 20 July 2019

The wind had picked up over night, and the guests got off to a late departure today. However, by the afternoon it was generally a nice calm day.

A morning hour long seawatch yielded 583 Manx Shearwaters. Wader numbers were still quite strong today with: 52 Oystercatchers, one Dunlin, seven Whimbrels, 22 Curlews, 11 Redshanks, one Common Sandpiper and three Turnstone. A Black-headed Gull was down on Solfach today, moulting through to its non-breeding plumage, losing the dark head feathers.

The Little Owl is still at Nant Valley and squawks very determinedly  at anyone who comes within sight of it, but it does provide good views.

Little Owl                                                    Lewis Hooper
Fledgling Wheatear, still growing its tail                                      Lewis Hooper

Juvenile Stonechat                                                      Lewis Hooper

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