Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Today started pleasantly with a bit of wind but dry and still warm. The forecast said it was going to be a little windy but dry throughout the day but the Bardsey weather systems had other ideas and the rain started around midday and lasted into the evening as the wind picked up more and more.

Once again the main highlights were the returning waders and a walk around the south end, the narrows and the west coast produced some good totals. Waders included and whopping 45 Curlew, ten Whimbrel, 13 Redshank, 12 Common Sandpipers, five Turnstone, and two Dunlin.

Other birds around the island involved 25 Rock Pipits involving a lot of juveniles on the rocks around the narrows, also the Shelducks are hanging onto their last chick of their latest brood. There were also more juveniles including second brood Wheatears and some young gulls starting the make there way around from the east side of the island to join the gull flocks on the narrows and around pwl cain.

Buff Arches from the other night, first of the year

Beast of the young GBBG!

A nice Wheatear family, this youngster still being looked out for

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