Monday, 29 July 2019

Today was a stunning day, blue skies an the wind soon calmed leaving the sea flat calm.

The offshore action stole the show today with dolphins being easily seen as the breached from the calm water. A minimum of nine Risso's Dolphins were seen off the south end and up the west coast, always a crowd pleaser and great to see them coming back to spend the autumn here as usual. Also, two smaller dolphins were picked up heading south together, the fins were smaller and as they got closer one was regularly breaching showing a beaked appearance making these Bottle-nosed Dolphins.

In some avian news there had been a small clear out, a juvenile Cuckoo was still around, Meadow Pipits and Rock Pipits had increased slightly with 52 and 41 each. Swallows and House Martins are starting to show some movement too with 52 and 14 of each as well as just four Sand Martins in with the flocks. A single Kestrel was at the south end of the island as well as a Sparrowhawk with something in its talons in the middle of the island, the first one seen for a while.

Oak Eggar from a few days ago

One of several Peacock butterflies today, some of which were seen heading off the island heading out to sea south

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