Wednesday, 7 August 2019

The wind today was gusting at 20mph from the south west. Manx Shearwater burrow checks were done today, the average weight of the ones checked today (which all seem to have hatched in the same couple of weeks is 550 grams, but the heaviest now weighs 629 grams. Still 100 or so to go before it's ready to face the outside world.

We're starting to Manx Shearwaters under these piles of fluff
A Little Owl was yapping in Nant valley once again today and providing good views. This year there has only been one definite successful breeding attempt on Bardsey.
Little Owl
Other birds around include: two Purple Sandpipers, four Dunlins, 13 Whimbrels, 61 Curlews, 14 Redshanks, 14 Common Sandpipers, three Razorbills and four Sedge Warblers.

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