Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Today the wind picked up from the south west once again, giving a breezy day that didn't get to cold but some mist and rain came in giving a wet feel to the evening.

The guided walk went ahead today and a select few braved the wind and we headed out. A Whinchat with the Stonechats at the farm was a nice migrant, but the real highlight came from the beach where the first seal pup of the season had been born. The small pup, covered in blubber and fur, was nestled in a small in-cove scratching its belly as it looked at us, looking back at it, without a care in the world. Two were found today, which over the coming weeks will turn into over 50!

There was little else of interest but other counts included  a Kestrel, four Robins, nine Ringed Plovers, three Dunlin, two Sanderling, nine Redshank, and 76 Turnstone.

Seal Pup

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