Thursday, 24 October 2019

A fairly calm and collected day today. The westerly winds did not exactly provide and migration spectacles. The star bird was a Glaucous Gull that was seen over the land on the West Coast before flying north out of sight.

Starlings also reached some stellar numbers today, a flock of around 300 was moving around the island all day! The Passage migrants were not totally cut off by the wind direction, 77 Skylarks were recorded flying over along with: 14 Chaffinches, three Greenfinches, eight Linnets, eight Goldfinches, 11 Siskins, two White Wagtail and 17 Redwings.

At least one Merlin continues to stalk the coastline, on the look-out for tired migrants to pick off. Today, two Sparrowhawks, one Buzzards and two Peregrines made up the bird of prey numbers.

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