Wednesday, 30 October 2019

There were yet more south-easterly winds today. It is getting late in the season now, but signs of passage are still around, such as: 379 Black-headed Gulls and 18 Common Gulls south past West Coast. The highlight of the day was three Great White Egrets that flew straight over Cristin and were seen from the office, after running outside to take photos 611 Jackdaws were then seen flying high over! Another good record for the island was five Lapwings on Henllwyn, great to see, and the highest number recorded all year.

Winter thrushes have been nice to watch in the garden lately, feeding on apple on the lawn, up to 30 Blackbirds and eight Redwings have been on the grass at once, Chaffinches have also been taking advantage as well, 44 were in the garden at Cristin today, whats more, and three Blackcaps have also been drawn in by the promise of fruit.

The end of the season is fast approaching and the staff are getting ready to leave at a moment's notice, this means that the mist nets around the island have been taken down.
Lewis packing the nets away at the Plantation

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