Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Today was a much continuing theme of how the week has been. The wind blew from the south west and there was showers throughout the day.

In avian news, little had changed. The Golden Plover was still on the south end of the island, Kittiwakes were present off the coast with over 100 off the south end and more passing the west coast throughout the day. Wheatears were present too with seven in all around the island, a reasonable number for this time of year, and although the Linnets seem to have disappeared Goldfinches have started to move in in small numbers. 

In the evening everyone on the island (23 people) were invited up to Cristen for a big curry night. It was a nice social event, getting everyone together not long before the end of the season. One of the best things about island life is the community feel, people will help each other at the drop of a hat and with no questions asked and you see a kind of generosity that is lost in most larger communities and city's. It was a huge success with everyone full to the brim with curry, various pudding and of course various drinks to wash it all down.

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