During the Covid-19 pandemic, Colin Evans, our boatman, is asking everyone to limit the supplies the bring to the island and carry a maximum of 30kg of luggage per person including all your food so as to be able to maintain social distancing onboard the boat...

The following food items are available in the Observatory shop

Chocolate (mars, snickers, Topic, Lion Bar KitKats etc)

Cans of Coke and other soft drinks

Bottles of water

And at the farm

Potatoes, Carrots, Kale, Onions, Lettuce, Mangetout, Runner and French Beans, Garlic, Courgettes and a few Tomatoes


Lobsters and Crabs can be bought fresh to order from Gareth at the farm or are available cooked, dressed and ready to eat from Emma at the Obs.

Ty Pellaf is also running as a cafe/restaurant and is fully licensed with a wide selection of Beers, wines and spirits.

Wines and beers are also available to take away.

Please use the island shops as much as you can and do not duplicate items on the lists above.

many thanks for you cooperation in these difficult times.

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