Sunday, 24 May 2009

Just about the warmest and sunniest day of the year so far brought a small number of birds to the island, including ten Spotted Flycatchers, three Eurasian Siskins, a Yellow Wagtail, a Common Whitethroat and three Sandwich Terns. The day will be remembered though, for the perplexity and bewilderment presented by a small arrival of redpolls – many of which refused to fall neatly into one or other of the ‘lesser’ or ‘common’ varieties. A reasonably straightforward Common Redpoll was caught early in the day, followed by a baffling selection of birds, some of which were possibly ‘mealies’ too; but these were mostly too much unlike the widely-accepted idea of what the species ought to look like to be certain. A considerable amount of time spent perusing Scandinavian redpoll photographs on the internet added to the growing consensus that it is just not possible for many of the birds to be specifically identified. By the end of the day, Two Common Redpoll, seven Lesser Redpolls and sixteen ‘either/ors’ were logged.

A bit of a hectic day with Simon King and the springwatch team here on the island filming a 'wldlife spectacle'. This will be broadcast in early June.

Simon King (Springwatch presenter)  and Rich B 
putting the world to rights on Sunday morning 
24 May 2009 (c) Steve Stansfield

Common Redpoll
24 May 2009 (c) Steve Stansfield

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