Monday, 25 May 2009

The preceding day’s (red)polemic debates continued as further flocks of disputable finches were caught at Cristin in the morning. At least two probable Common Redpolls were involved, as well as five Lesser Redpolls and 15 other Redpolls of questionable nationality. For those who escaped the frustrations of scrutinising finches to explore the rest of the island, a few nice birds were to be found. These included a Little Egret near Solfach (still a rare bird on the island), a smart Golden Plover, a Common Cuckoo and four Sandwich Terns. Just four Spotted Flycatchers remained, with a single Common Whitethroat and seven European Goldfinches. A record-obliterating count of 42 Atlantic Puffins in the colony on the east side suggests that the small population on Bardsey is continuing to grow. Waders present included a Ringed Plover, a Purple Sandpiper, seven Ruddy Turnstones and a Whimbrel. The latter was trapped after dark and found to be wearing an Icelandic ring on its leg - possibly the first recovery of an Icelandic Whimbrel in the UK!.

Common Redpoll (left) and Lesser Redpoll
(c) Steve Stansfield 25 May 2009

Common Redpoll

(c) Steve Stansfield 25 May 2009

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  1. Hi Steve, similar problems at Portland this spring, see website. Two birds looked Mealy in all colour features, but in one case measurements fitted Lesser.! Many years ago when looking at many museum skins for BOU often thought that in occasional years they probably interbreed. No proof in the field though. This year seems exceptional for number of Mealy and difficult ones.
    Pete Morgan