Monday, 10 August 2009

After a night of heavy rain the sun eventualy came out to play, and so did the children staying at the Obs and at the other houses on the island (as well as Ben, Rachel and Connor who live here perminantly). The downpour meant that the rain-water tanks were brimming and the children enjoyed themselves having water fights, using water pistols and 'super-soakers' (one or two adults were moistened too in the ensueing crossfire). In the middle of this SAS-style battle, creaping through the undergrowth of the Obs Garden and evading the enemy, Ben (who was hiding amongst some fairly thick vegitation) happened upon a rather nice Pied Flycatcher - the first of the autumn. The bird was eventualy trapped in one of the nets in the garden (once the water war had ended!). A Grasshopper Warbler was also seen in the garden later in the day. Sea passage was very thin in the morning, though Manxy numbers increased during the day, with about 1000 seen from Cristin. An Arctic Skua flew south and a record breaking flock of 28 Black-tailed Godwits flew south in the early evening. After a well attended talk about the island's wildlife etc. by Steve, a mini expedition to trap Storm Petrels for the guests to see near the boat house produce two of these velvety oceanic wanderers.
Pied Flycatcher
(c) Steve Stansfield

Storm Petrel
(c) Ben Porter

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