Monday, 22 February 2010

Despite spring being around the corner, the cold temperatures have persisted and have made it feel very wintry. However, even the cold temperatures do not stop the birds  providing us with a fantastic chorus throughout the day and hundreds of Auks on the east side are still rafting up in the early morning. Pussy Willows are beginning to come out in some of the withies although the daffodils around the Abbey are only just poking through the ground.
Throughout the week there has been a Jack Snipe or two in the wetlands and a few Gannets out at sea which are now becoming a familiar sight again. From the 17th onwards there were 2 Red Throated Divers feeding with the usual flock of Shags just off the West side. A Woodcock was in the gorse at Pencristin on the 15th whilst on the 17th and the 19th 2 Ring Plover were in Solfach. 2 Little Owls were heard calling down in the wetlands on the 19th. One of these was seen the following day. As ever the Firecrest is at Cristin, happily feeding in the pines.

Redshank (C) Ben Porter

Meadow Pipit (C) Ben Porter

Merlin (C) Ben Porter

Ringed Plover (C) Ben Porter

Rock Pipit (C) Ben Porter

Fulmar (C) Ben Porter


  1. Ben, you've done a superb job keeping the blog going all over the winter, and your photos are brilliant. I've really looked forward to receiving the next update, and now I'm looking forward to returning to the island in May.
    All good wishes to you and the whole family,
    Ruth Edwards

  2. Ben - brilliant pictures once again - even the fulmar pooh (no, really!) - I especially like your take off and landing shots. The whole winter blog has been a fascinating glimpse into a Bardsey winter. Thank you.

    Best wishes to all - see you later in the year.


  3. Not sure about this Ben, I can't cope any more with all these excellent pictures you are posting - I may have to ban you from the blog!!

    Hope you and the rest of the family are all ok and we will be home soon.