Tuesday, 16 February 2010

This week has been a quieter one with very few birds about. There is now a steady population of birds on the East side with up to 280 Guillemots, 120 Razorbills, 21 Shags and 46 Fulmars flying about and on the cliff ledges. The Firecrest is still feeding in the Pines and around Cristin. I was away from Friday to Sunday and prior to then there were not many birds of note. On Thursday there was a Knot trailing behind the Curlew flock and 3 Red Throated Divers feeding with the raft of Shags just north of Carreg Yr Honwy. On our way back from the mainland I saw a male Red Brested Merganser flying towards the island (But wasn’t seen on the island afterwards).

Turnstone (C) Ben Porter

Herring Gull (C) Ben Porter

Rock Pipit (C) Ben Porter

Shelduck (C) Ben Porter


  1. Once more Ben, some stunning pics, Keep it up


  2. Hey up Ben. Planning on coming back this week. I'll show you how to find a decent bird if you'd like!
    Rich B

  3. Hi Ben, go and find a good bird and show Rich B how it's done!!!


    Good pics too