Tuesday, 9 February 2010

It has been a quiet start to February with few, if any different birds about. The milder, wetter weather has made it feel a bit miserable at times but, when the sun comes out it has felt as if spring is on the way. The Rock Pipits have begun their parachute-like song-flight around the shore and yet more birds are adding to the morning chorus. The Black Redstart has finally decided to leave, the last sighting was on Tuesday 2nd although the Firecrest is still amongst the Finches and Tits at Cristin.

Monday 1st- A Gannet flew by out at sea.

Tuesday 2nd- 3 Common Gulls and another Gannet was out at sea whilst a Woodock was at Ty-Pellaf withie.

Wednesday 3rd- 2 Jack Snipe were in the wetlands and a Woodcock was at Nant.

Thursday 4th- Nothing to report.

Friday 5th- A single Jack Snipe was in the wetlands.

Saturday 6th-(A Collard Dove was at Nant, first for the year)

Sunday 7th- A Golden Plover flew down the west side whilst 4 Jack Snipe were in the wetlands. 2 Little Owls were calling in the night.

Black Headed Gull (C) Ben Porter

Dunnock (C) Ben Porter

Starlings (C) Ben Porter

Curlew (C) Ben Porter

Redshank (C) Ben Porter


  1. Geoff & Kate9 February 2010 at 10:31

    Superb pictures, we are thoroughly enjoying following your winter on Enlli, love the redshank.
    We saw 60 pink footed geese, calling & flying in V formation over Pentrefoelas on Saturday when out atlasing. Fantastic says Geoff.

  2. Ben, these are wonderful and some very evocative. We are looking forward to coming home! SDS

  3. Brilliant. Thank you Ben for keeping us up to date with what is happening. look forward to seeing you at the end of April. Judith Read

  4. We are all really enjoying your blog, Ben - I particularly like the dunnock because I hardly ever get good views of them, always shuffling about in the undergrowth (the birds I mean, not me).A real LBJ, for once warbling away as if he's proud of himself. But the redshank picture has got to be a postcard...please! And what a moody curlew; the colour really suits its mournful end-of-the-world cry. In fact all this month's photos evoke birdsong for me - perhaps we really are on the cusp of spring. Thanks for sharing your island winter with us.



  6. Well done, Ben. Superb photos and you continue to maintain your high standard. Gran