Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Light south-westerly winds and gentle drizzle made for acceptable birding first thing. It was clear that there had been a good arrival of Phylloscopus warblers, however by 0800 the wind had swung to the north, strengthened, and was accompanied by bitingly cold, heavy rain. Five Wheatear, three Blackcap, five Goldcrest, two Black Redstart, and two Swallow were noted, but it was Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler that were most abundant. A minimum of 60 Chiffchaff and 40 Willow Warbler were logged although a steady movement of birds along the walls and from withy to withy suggested that many more were involved during the course of the day. On Henllwyn Phylloscs were busily feeding among the seaweed and shingle despite being only a short flight from more typical habitat. On Solfach the first Grey Plover of the year joined the three Ringed Plover.

Henllwyn saw exciting fall conditions with Willow Warblers lining up along the sea defences (c) Richard Brown

At least 10 Willow Warbler were present among the seaweed on Henllwyn (c) Richard Brown

A similar number of Chiffchaff were present (c) Richard Brown

Up to 80 Oystercatcher were in Henllwyn, sheltering from the horrible conditions.
(c) Ben Porter

The 1st Grey Plover of the year was in Solfach along with 3 Ringed Plover .
(c) Ben Porter

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