Wednesday, 28 April 2010

2nd-summer Yellow-legged Gull. Among nearly 400 large Larus around Solfach this individual eventually caught the eye. In flight the large black band on the fifth primary (counted outwards from the secondaries), supports the identification. (c) Richard Brown

The legs were a bright yellow, as was the bill. The iris was pale and (as is visible in ben's photos to be added soon), the orbital ring was red. (c) Richard Brown
The red orbital ring is just visible in these shots (c) Ben Porter

Large numbers of gulls, predominantly Herring, fed in the waves (c) Richard Brown

The arty Herring Gull photo of the day (c) Richard Brown

16 Whimbrel (above) were dotted around the coast (c) Ben Porter
Some of the Turnstones have almost moulted into Summer-plumage now; this particular one is looking rather smart  (c) Ben Porter

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  1. Inspiring photographs, wonderful ight - especially the whimbrels. Pleased to see Ben Porter's out and about with his camera again!