Monday, 26 April 2010

When conditions are favourable, many of the small migratory birds will take advantage of the clement weather and forge ahead with their northward journeys – not stopping on Bardsey for longer than they have to. On this occasion many of the birds from yesterday had managed to refuel sufficiently and had departed during the night, leaving only small numbers remaining in the morning. Warbler numbers had dropped to 24 Willow Warblers, six Blackcaps, four Grasshopper Warblers, four Sedge Warblers, three Chiffchaffs and a Whitethroat, while the Wheatear count had fallen to 38 birds. Single Cuckoo and Ring Ouzel were still present, and a couple of Siskins, nine Goldfinches and three Redpolls dropped by in the morning.

9 Swallows were seen perching on the rocks in Solfach! (c) Ben Porter

Quite a few Gannets were seen passing at sea today (c) Ben Porter

Only one pair of Skylark nested in 2009, although they did manage to fledge two young. Currently there are three singing males, one at the same site as last year and two on the mountain. Both adults and young undergo a full moult in the autumn so at this time of year they are inseparable on plumage details. (c) Richard Brown

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