Thursday, 11 November 2010

A gale force wind picked up during the night and by morning it had reached an impressive 50 km/h. With most land birds immobile, the focus of the day turned to the sea; A Great Northern Diver was probably the highlight whilst in Solfach a sizeable flock of gulls had gathered: 900 Herring Gulls, 8 Great black backed Gulls, 17 Common Gulls, 58 Black headed Gulls, 600 Kittiwakes and an adult Little Gull fed on the food churned up by the high tide and strong winds.A Short eared Owl seen in the early hours and a Greater spotted Woodpecker were the only noteworthy birds inland.

A few of the 'smaller gulls' that were mixed in with the Herring Gulls: Kittiwakes(top two), Black headed Gull(middle), Common Gull(bottom). Pictures (c) Ben Porter.
Solfach at high tide. (c) Ben Porter
 The Choughs in Solfach had to endure the frequent sand-storms that hurtled along the beach. (c) Ben Porter

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