Friday, 4 February 2011

Force eight winds persisted from the south-west hindering most observations. A substantial feeding flock had built up during the morning with five hundred Herring Gulls making up the bulk of the flock; four Black headed Gulls, a Common Gulls, a couple Lesser black backed and seven Greater black backed Gulls were also present. Other birds included a Woodpigeon at Nant, a couple Redwings at Ty Pellaf and a Kestrel along the mountain side.

Herring Gull (top) and Black headed Gull (bottom). Pictures (c) Ben Porter

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  1. Such beautiful gulls...I haven't seen this type of gull with black on the wings...Love the top one demonstrating the art of flight and he is full of grace! The second looks like an angel just walking on water! Great work, thanks for sharing, Linda