Tuesday, 12 July 2011

After the wind swung around to the north during the night, the skies clouded over and dawn broke to another calm day. A Lapwing was seen flying along the west side in the morning, where a Dunlin was also heard; the juvenile Common Redstart was found by Ty Pellaf, a Song Thrush was seen at Nant, and a Collared Dove was by Ty Nesaf. Three Black-headed Gulls, two Whimbrels, 23 Curlews, two Ringed Plovers and a Grey Heron were around the narrows, whilst a total of 32 Swifts passed overhead in noisy flocks; four House Martins were around the lighthouse. 

Small flocks of Swifts passed overhead throughout the day, their screaming calls announcing their presence.
A Song Thrush spent most of the morning feeding on some of the many snails that had emerged in the damp conditions during the night. It seemed to prefer cracking the shells on this particular piece of wood.

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