Wednesday, 22 February 2012

20th to 22nd February

This period started off very well on the 20th: a Great Northern Diver flew South past the Narrows early in the morning, the Snow Bunting was once again seen on Pencristin, and two Jack Snipes were seen in the wetlands along with a single Snipe. The 21st dawned a slightly more overcast and breezy day than of late, and fewer birds were seen too. Two Ringed Plovers were in Solfach along with a single Common Gull in the morning, a couple of Snipes were flushed from the wetlands and two Teals were seen in Plas Withy. Four Teals and the Goldcrest were the highlights of the 22nd, an extremely miserable day with heavy drizzle persistant throughout the day. The flock of Woodpigeons at Nant increased by a single bird each day to end in six birds on the 22nd, the female Sparrowhawk was seen around the island on each day and a small flock of six Linnets was present too.

 Linnet and Blue Tit
The Purple Sandpiper flock has been quite small this winter, with the peak count of this period being seven birds on the 20th

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