Saturday, 25 February 2012

23rd to 25th February

Two Ringed Plovers around the Narrows, the Goldcrest at Nant and a Sparrowhawk over the mountain were the most notable sightings of the 23rd. Feeling very spring-like indeed, the 24th  saw the odd noteworthy bird dotted around the island. 16 Linnets and a Song Thrush were seen around the wetlands, a pair of Pied Wagtails arrived in Cafn and a single Raven flew over the mountain with the usual breeding pair. The 25th was a beautifully calm day with mild temperatures. Plenty of birds were seen during the day, despite nothing rare or scarce turning up. In the morning, a movement of corvids overhead included 26 Ravens over the Narrows and a flock of 48 Carrion Crows on the mountain. Finches also passed overhead during the morning, with totals amounting to: a single Greenfinch, two Goldfinches, two Siskins and 63 Linnets. Other dribs and draps around the island included a pair of Goldcrests in Cristin garden, four Pied Wagtails around the island, three Teals seen in the green lane and a single Buzzard over the North End.

The calm conditions in this period also coaxed a few moths out of hibernation. The first macro moth of the year was found at Ty Pellaf on the 23rd in the form of a Mottled Grey. Two more were found at Ty Pellaf on the night of the 24th, along with 18 Agonopterix heracliana. A moth trap was placed in Ty Capel garden on the 24th too, and this attracted a Dotted Border in the night, wich is only the third record for the island.

 Pied Wagtails have been arriving back to their breeding sites in the last few days
 A pair of Goldcrests spent most of the 25th in the pine trees in Cristin garden
Dotted Border (top) and Mottled Grey (bottom)

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