Sunday, 22 July 2012

An altogether uneventful day saw even fewer birds than yesterday, as a strong Southerly wind picked up. A Common Sandpiper, two juvenile Ringed Plovers, a Knot and two Whimbrels were present around the Narrows in the morning, and a Sparrowhawk was the only oddity to be found further inland.

 Even though the pair of Ringed Plovers have failed to raise any chicks this year, they are still alarm-calling around their nest site. Otherwise, there is no sign of a second breeding-attempt
 Around 20 Gannets spent most of the morning fishing off the Narrows and the West side
 The first Swallow-tailed Moth of the year (top) was trapped in Cristin Withy, along with a Scalloped Oak (bottom) and a Common Wave

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