Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ringing Summary for April

Although this April (and this year in general) has been very poor for both the number of scarce species and also the variety of common migrants, we have managed to ring a grand total of 1000 birds this month- compared to only 484 birds ringed in the same month last year.

Willow Warblers were typically the most abundantly trapped species, with 334 ringed. A large percentage of the rest of the total was made up by only four species; 142 Goldcrests, 153 Chiffchaffs, 150 Blackcaps and 130 Goldfinches. The total of 130 Goldfinches has already completely smashed the previous largest annual ringing total of this species (64 was the previous record set in 2009), and the 150 Blackcaps trapped is also well above average.

Two Jack Snipes trapped in the beginning of the month takes this year’s total to five- this equals the largest ever annual total of this species, which was set in 1985.

The female Hawfinch trapped at the start of April was only the sixth bird to be ringed on Bardsey, since the last in 2011, and the Corncrake caught on the South End last week was the 15th bird to have been ringed on the island.

Two Whimbrels dazzled on Solfach two nights ago were the 101st and 102nd individuals of this species to be ringed on Bardsey- hopefully the first of many to come.

What with a supporting cast of Tree Pipit, Redstart, Wheatears, Firecrest and Woodcock, it hasn't been a bad month at all!!

Corncrake- the second ringed since 1977
Five Jack Snipe have been trapped so far this year, equalling the previous record
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Record numbers of Goldfinches have been ringed this month (c) Steve Stansfield
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Two French-ringed Sedge Warblers were caught (c) Steve Stansfield
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Willow Warblers made up the largest number of birds ringed (c) Steve Stansfield
Male Common Redstart (c) Steve Stansfield
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The two Whimbrels caught on the night of the 28th were the 101st and 102nd individuals to be ringed on the island (c) Steve Stansfield 
 This Gannet which was trapped in Solfach was the first to be ringed for at least six years.

A large thank you to Judith Read and Pete Robinson for their big help with ringing this month.

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