Thursday, 27 June 2013

After two weeks away, Ben is now back on the island, and so news updates will resume their normal appearance on this blog- so keep looking!

That said, there is not a great deal to report bird-wise. Yesterday, a Hooded Crow put in a brief appearance over the mountain in the afternoon. A small number of migrants around the Narrows included two Common Sandpipers, a Sanderling and four Sand Martins.

Today (27th), there has not been much at all: a Siskin flew over the Plantation in the early hours, whilst ten Curlews and a Redshank were recorded around the Narrows.

 Four pairs of Stonechats have managed to rear at least one brood of young this year. Many birds on the mountain at the moment have taken to perching on the multitude of Foxglove Plants which have emerged this year
Male Linnets- many broods of up to nine young are flying around with their parents at the moment
 At least nine Wheatear fledglings are present around the Narrows at the moment, with even more on the East Side
 A very young Meadow Pipit
 Some of the pairs of Pied Wagtails are already onto their second broods of chicks
 The male Ringed Plover which arrived in February this year has been without a mate for a total of four months. Finally, at the end of May, he managed to attract a female, and they have successfully reared at least two chicks in Solfach. Both the adults put on an impressive 'broken wing act' (lower image) when anything approaches the end of the beach where their chicks are located, in an attempt to lure 'predators' away from their chicks
 The variety of moths in the light traps has not been brilliant in recent days, although 40-odd moths were caught in the traps last night. Amongst these was the first Ingrailed Clay of the year, three True Lover's Knots (top), two Middle-barred Minors (middle), a Marbled Minor and two Aethes rubigana (lower)
Yellow Dung Fly

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