Thursday, 6 June 2013

It was a rather quiet day today, although a Short-eared Owl was seen in the morning both at Nant and on the South End, whilst a Reed Warbler was present in the Lighthouse garden. There was also belated news of a Balearic Shearwater seen yesterday afternoon, which is an excellent record for this time of year.

Around 12 Spotted Flycatchers remained on the island, and a steady passage of House Martins took place throughout the day.

 Meadow Pipit fledgling
 There are plenty of pairs of Shags on the East Side at the moment, many of whom have so far reared some good-sized chicks

Moth numbers have finally picked up in the last few days, as temperatures entice many species to emerge
 This is probably a Grey Dagger, although they are virtually inseparable from Dark Dagger without dissection
 Narrow-winged Pug
 Foxglove Pug
 The Shears

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