Friday, 7 June 2013

Afternoon update

Well, after a week or so of moderate Easterly winds, it seems appropriate that today's rarity is from the East!

At about 0700 hours this morning, a small acro was seen very briefly in Ty Capel Withy, showing a very bold supercilium, as well as a dark eye stripe and short bill. The bird then disappeared for an hour and a half, and was not seen at all during this time.

However, at around 0850, the acro was seen working its way to the top of the willows in Nant Withy, and then the bird showed out in full view, revealing its identity as Wale's fourth Paddyfield Warbler.

The bird showed very well for the next half hour, before disappearing into cover. It was not seen again until 1100, when it appeared at the canopy of the Plantation. Once again, the bird showed very well for twenty minutes or so, although it has thus far not been seen since then.

Paddyfield Warbler. There have been two previous records of this species on Bardsey: one in October 2008, and another in September 2009. Apart from these, there is only one other Welsh record

Elsewhere on the bird front, a Turtle Dove was seen above Carreg Bach, and a Reed Warbler was present in Ty Capel. Around 30 Swifts flew North during the morning.


  1. What a gorgeous find, a bit jealous over here:)

  2. Yes, it was a super bird! An excellent find by a visiting birder!