Monday, 22 July 2013

Cloud cover presided for the majority of the day, making it feel a little cooler. A decent number of scarcities were noted around the island during the day: a Greenshank was seen around the Narrows in the morning, where seven Dunlins and a Mediterranean Gull were also seen. A flock of seven Crossbills turned into a flock of nine over Nant, with another individual taking the day total to ten. Two Greater Spotted Woodpeckers were recorded: one at Nant and one between Crsitin and Ty Pellaf.

 One of the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers looking a little out of its comfort zone- 'where are the trees!?'
 Young Swallows

Moths were in great evidence once again, with a few rarer species noted from the Heath Traps. As well as the moths pictured below, a Yarrow Plume (Gillmeria pallidactyla) was new for the island
 By far the star of the day: what appears to be Gynnidomorpha permixtana. This species is a National Scarce B, and apparently is a proposed Red Data Book species (see Hants Moths), with a very local distribution nationally. According to The North Wales Lepidoptera Database, there are only three previous records of this species in North Wales, the last of which was in Llandudno in 1961. The foodplant- Red Bartsia- is present on Bardsey
 This is also a slightly rarer species of lepdioptera: a Double Line (new for Bardsey). This species is also Nationally Scarce (Nb), thought to be an immigrant, with around 40 records in North Wales
 Female Map-winged Swift
 The Lychnis

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