Saturday, 20 July 2013

It was a pleasant change-over day, albeit a little bit busy, and a few noteworthy birds were seen. The Greater Spotted Woodpecker was seen briefly at Nant in the morning, before again making an appearance at Ty Pellaf in the afternoon.
Two lovely Red Kites flew South along the mountainside mid-morning, before circling the Narrows a few times. Eventually a few of the local Oystercatchers persuaded them away from the island.
In the afternoon a small flock of five Crossbills were found feeding on the pine cones in Ty Nesaf garden, giving some cracking views as they disembowelled the cones.

 The flock of five Crossbills gave some fantastic views in Ty Nesaf garden
 The Crossbills spent most of their time prizing open the pine cones with their super-stretchy jaws and specialized bills to extract the seed pods within. The loud cracking sound coming from the tops of the pine trees was a good indication of where the flock were!
The very neat-looking Red Kites

And now for the lepidoptera...over 450 moths were trapped near Nant Withy overnight, including this rather smart Peach Blossom:
 Peach Blossom, only the second for Bardsey
 Silver Y
Syncopacma taeniolella. Another new species for Bardsey

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