Monday, 12 August 2013

Yet another day passed without any noteworthy birds making an appearance. A single Whimbrel was seen around the Narrows in the morning, whilst a male Kestrel flew over the mountain. A Song Thrush was present at Nant, along with around 17 Willow Warblers.

This beautiful Painted Lady was seen along the track in the afternoon, feeding on the flowers of Knapweed. This species of butterfly originates from North Africa, and in some years (e.g. 2009) their migration can be spectacular. This year has been a very poor year, with around 20 sightings.
Early Thorn


  1. Hi Those are outstanding shots of the painted lady. wonderful colours.

  2. Never studied the wing underside in such detail, this makes you realise how beautiful British butterflies are!

  3. Thanks Margaret. David- it was a great opportunity to take images of the underside; I rarely get the chance