Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Nothing of any consequence was seen yesterday, and it was still incredibly quiet today. A male Blackcap was a new arrival at Nant, whilst two Song Thrushes were also recorded; one at Cristin and one at Nant. A single Kestrel joined two juvenile Peregrines chasing Choughs and smaller prey above Ty Pellaf on the mountainside.

During the night, a total of 69 Manx Shearwaters were trapped and ringed, whilst a further 45 birds were retrapped. Also on the ringing front, a dead Oystercatcher found today was ringed 20 years ago.

Meadow Pipit
 The family of Ravens occasionally drift over the mountain, after the breeding pair managed to rear four chicks this spring
An odd-looking Orange Swift was the highlight of the moth-trap contents this morning


  1. HI Good shot of the Meadow Pipit and great close up of moth. That was interesting that the Oystercatcher was 20 years old (at least)

  2. How long do Oystercatchers live for? Twenty years is an impressive age. I would die to see Ravens flying over like that in my day I hope

  3. According to the BTO website (link here: )the oldest recorded Oystercatcher is 40 years 1 month and two days! Twenty is indeed still impressive. Cheers for the comments.

  4. Hi Ben,
    I was assistant warden on Bardsey in 1993 - was that one of my oyc chicks I ringed that summer?!
    Great to follow what's going on on that fantastic island through the blog and your superb photos.

  5. Hey Ian!!
    I will have to ask Steve Stansfield (warden)and look back through the data to see whether it was one you ringed! That would be pretty cool 'though!
    Will get back in touch,

    1. Great, thanks Ben.
      I will also endeavour to dig out my '93 notes and see if it's in there!
      Always nice to think that perhaps something of ones' time there on the island remains!
      Best wishes,

  6. Hi again Ben.
    I've managed to dig-out my 1993 notebook from the garage! Was the oyc ring number sequence FC682 or 84? If so, if you let me know the whole number, I can tell you where on the island it was ringed - as a chick I believe, as I seem to have only ringed chicks that year.