Tuesday, 17 September 2013

After a breezy start, heavy drizzle set in, and the wind died away-however, this didn't do much to encourage any migrants to move. Instead, the most notable sightings of the day were yet again to be had out to sea, the pick of which was a Pomarine Skua, two Leach's Petrels and a Sooty Shearwater. A total of three Arctic Skuas, two Great Skuas and an Arctic Tern also passed by. Inland, six Chiffchaffs and two Spotted Flycatchers were the only new passerine migrants.

Some images from recent seawatches:

Juvenile Long-tailed Skua from yesterday
Adult Arctic Skua
Sooty Shearwater
Great Northern Diver
Baby Swallows managing to find some shelter from the wind


  1. Hi Ben The sea watch photo didn't come through but the swallows shots are fantasic

  2. Hi Margaret. Thanks for the comment- I have tried to alter the post- can you see the images now?