Saturday, 28 September 2013

Clear skies and fresh easterly winds saw a slight clear-out of migrants, although a few also arrived during the day. A Lapland Bunting was seen around the South End in the morning, flying North with a steady passage of Meadow Pipits.

Chiffchaffs were moving through the island throughout the day, some visibly flying east up the mountainside. A single Yellow-browed Warbler was seen briefly at Nant mid-morning, where a Garden Warbler, a Pied Flycatcher, two Firecrests and a Reed Warbler were also recorded during the rest of the day. Another Firecrest was seen in Cristin Withy.

The Siberian Stonechat stayed for its fifth day, feeding along the fence lines in the Donogoch Fields. A Whinchat was also present here.

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A Firecrest was trapped yesterday on the island, and three unringed birds were seen today
 Chiffchaffs (top with a Silver Y)

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